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I got NATO countries to pay 530 Billion Dollars a year more, and the U.S. less, and came home to a Fake News Media that mocked me. Didn’t think that was possible!

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Don’t get why @FoxNews puts losers on like @RepSwalwell (who got ZERO as presidential candidate before quitting), Pramila Jayapal, David Cicilline and others who are Radical Left Haters? The Dems wouldn’t let @FoxNews get near their bad ratings debates, yet Fox panders. Pathetic!

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“Any president has the authority to investigate corruption. The President himself released the transcript of the call. Now the Democrats have no evidence of a crime and no evidence of violating the law. This is a kangaroo court in the House, but it’s going to go to the Senate,... ....it’s going to go nowhere. They are going to impeach not because they have the evidence, but because they hate the president. I think the American people know that this is a waste of time, this is Democrats putting on a circus. @SenTedCruz interviewed by Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd

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.@SenTedCruz “The Democrats are now admitting that they can’t prove a crime, they can’t prove a law was violated, and here’s why. Any president, any administration, is justified in investigating corruption, and there was serious evidence of real corruption concerning Hunter.... ....Biden on the board of the largest natural gas company in Ukraine, getting paid $83,000 a month, 10 times as much as a board member of @exxonmobil.” Thank you Ted. He also made a fortune from China and others, but zero before his father became V.P. @MeetThePress

現地時間 12/8 11:50

Less than 48 hours before start of the Impeachment Hearing Hoax, on Monday, the No Due Process, Do Nothing Democrats are, believe it or not, changing the Impeachment Guidelines because the facts are not on their side. When you can’t win the game, change the rules!

現地時間 12/8 10:29

Kim Jong Un is too smart and has far too much to lose, everything actually, if he acts in a hostile way. He signed a strong Denuclearization Agreement with me in Singapore. He does not want to void his special relationship with the President of the United States or interfere.... ....with the U.S. Presidential Election in November. North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, has tremendous economic potential, but it must denuclearize as promised. NATO, China, Russia, Japan, and the entire world is unified on this issue!

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Congratulations to @TitoOrtiz on tonight’s huge WIN, a Great American Patriot!

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The United States Secret Service Deputy Assistant Director, Anthony Ornato, will become my new Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. I have worked with Tony for 3 years - he will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Dan Walsh for his great service, and congratulations to Tony!

現地時間 12/7 15:21

“Not only have the Democrats not advanced key pieces of legislation that would help the economy, but the polls, especially in early states, are showing that voters are tuning out.” @PeteHegseth They don’t want our greatest of all presidents impeached!

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“Why re-elect Democrats when you know that this is what they are doing with their majority. Their case is not strong because first it was Russian Collusion, then it was obstruction, then it was Ukraine, now their pivoting back to Russia. Why would they be doing that?” Lisa Booth

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Our Economy is the envy of the World!

現地時間 12/7 13:55

Hard to believe, but if Nancy Pelosi had put our great Trade Deal with Mexico and Canada, USMCA, up for a vote long ago, our economy would be even better. If she doesn’t move quickly, it will collapse!

現地時間 12/7 13:54

The United States will not rest until we bring every American wrongfully detained in Iran and around the world back home to their loved ones!

現地時間 12/7 13:51

Taken during the Obama Administration (despite $150 Billion gift), returned during the Trump Administration. Thank you to Iran on a very fair negotiation. See, we can make a deal together!

現地時間 12/7 12:32

While the world is not doing well economically, our Country is doing better, perhaps, than it has ever done before. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

現地時間 12/7 12:21

Read the Transcripts! Also, see where I say “us” (our Country) as opposed to “me” (meaning me) and where I then say that the Attorney General (of the United States) will call you. People still remember Schiff’s made up and fraudulent version of my conversation. Witch Hunt!

現地時間 12/7 12:13

Why is the World Bank loaning money to China? Can this be possible? China has plenty of money, and if they don’t, they create it. STOP!

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