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Will be interviewed on @seanhannity tonight at 9pmE and @TuckerCarlson tomorrow night at 8pmE. Enjoy!
現地時間 7/16 18:53

A productive dialogue is not only good for the United States and good for Russia, but it is good for the world. #HELSINKI2018
現地時間 7/16 16:34

I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace, than to risk peace in pursuit of politics. #HELSINKI2018
現地時間 7/16 16:29

As I said today and many times before, “I have GREAT confidence in MY intelligence people.” However, I also recognize that in order to build a brighter future, we cannot exclusively focus on the past - as the world’s two largest nuclear powers, we must get along! #HELSINKI2018
現地時間 7/16 15:40

Thank you Helsinki, Finland!
現地時間 7/16 12:51

Joint Press Conference from Helsinki, Finland:
現地時間 7/16 12:11

It was an honor to join you this morning. Thank you!
現地時間 7/16 4:56

Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!
現地時間 7/16 2:05・日本時間16日午後

President Obama thought that Crooked Hillary was going to win the election, so when he was informed by the FBI about Russian Meddling, he said it couldn’t happen, was no big deal, & did NOTHING about it. When I won it became a big deal and the Rigged Witch Hunt headed by Strzok!
現地時間 7/16 1:37・日本時間16日午後

Received many calls from leaders of NATO countries thanking me for helping to bring them together and to get them focused on financial obligations, both present & future. We had a truly great Summit that was inaccurately covered by much of the media. NATO is now strong & rich!
現地時間 7/16 1:23・日本時間16日午後
NATO加盟国首脳から加盟国をまとめたことや出資目標(過去も今後も) に関して感謝を伝える多くの電話を受けた。ほぼメディアからは正確に報道されなかったが、本当に素晴らしい首脳会議であった。今やNATOは強く豊かになった!

President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS Melania are wheels down in Helsinki, Finland...photo via motorcade en route to hotel...
現地時間 7/15 15:41・日本時間16日早朝

Landed in #Finland for #helsinki2018 where @POTUS & Prez Putin are set to discuss US/Russian relations. POTUS meeting is in the interest of US national security. It’s critical that the leaders of the US & Russia engage on important matters between our two countries. @StateDept
現地時間 7/15 15:32・日本時間16日早朝

Congratulations to France, who played extraordinary soccer, on winning the 2018 World Cup. Additionally, congratulations to President Putin and Russia for putting on a truly great World Cup Tournament -- one of the best ever!
現地時間 7/15 13:03・日本時間15日深夜

...know how to do is resist and obstruct! This is why there is such hatred and dissension in our country - but at some point, it will heal!
現地時間 7/15 12:18・日本時間15日深夜

...over the years, I would return to criticism that it wasn’t good enough - that I should have gotten Saint Petersburg in addition! Much of our news media is indeed the enemy of the people and all the Dems...
現地時間 7/15 12:18・日本時間15日深夜

Heading to Helsinki, Finland - looking forward to meeting with President Putin tomorrow. Unfortunately, no matter how well I do at the Summit, if I was given the great city of Moscow as retribution for all of the sins and evils committed by Russia...
現地時間 7/15 12:18・日本時間15日深夜

There hasn’t been a missile or rocket fired in 9 months in North Korea, there have been no nuclear tests and we got back our hostages. Who knows how it will all turn out in the end, but why isn’t the Fake News talking about these wonderful facts? Because it is FAKE NEWS!
現地時間 7/15 12:11・日本時間15日深夜
北朝鮮では9か月間ミサイルもロケットも発射されず、核実験も行われず、人質は米国に返された。今後どのような展開になるか誰も分からないが、偽ニュースは何故これらの素晴らしい事実を報道していないのだ? 偽ニュースだからだ!

“Asylum-Seeking Central American Discovered to Be MS-13 Gang Member”
現地時間 7/14 18:49・日本時間15日朝

“MS-13 Gang Member Arrested Again After 4 Deportations”
現地時間 7/14 18:47・日本時間15日朝
(Town Hall記事)

“About 1-in-5 illegal alien adults crossing the United States-Mexico border with toddlers under the age of five are either criminals, not the child’s parent, or present some other danger to the child...”
現地時間 7/14 18:44・日本時間15日朝

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