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So hard to watch @FoxNews anymore. They are working so hard against the people (viewers) that got them there. Their contributors are a disaster, and all over the place. The Radical Left has scared Fox into submission, just like they have so many others. Sad, but we will WIN!

現地時間 7/13 9:30

Never in history have Police been treated so badly as they are in Democrat run cities - and these cities are a mess. Police must take a stronger stand with the Radical Left politicians that are treating them so badly, and so disrespectfully!!!

現地時間 7/13 8:05

“Republican voter registration is way up, Democrat numbers are down.” @foxandfriends

現地時間 7/13 7:54

Is this what you want for your President??? With no ratings, media will go down along with our great USA!

現地時間 7/13 7:41

No, Radical Left anarchists, agitators, looters or protesters will not be knocking down or harming the Washington Monument, the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorials, or just about any other Federal Monumrnt or Statue. If they even try, an automatic 10 years in prison. Sorry!

現地時間 7/12 8:30

Thank you to J.R. Majewski, a great Air Force Veteran and Trump Supporter who did a beautiful job of turning his lawn into a giant Trump Sign. Thanks also to your fantastic Ohio neighbors. We are making record progress on JOBS, etc. Big Silent Majority!!! @foxandfriends

現地時間 7/12 8:20

I know many in business and politics that work out endlessly, in some cases to a point of exhaustion. It is their number one passion in life, but nobody complains. My “exercise” is playing, almost never during the week, a quick round of golf. Obama played more and much longer.... ...rounds, no problem. When I play, Fake News CNN, and others, park themselves anywhere they can to get a picture, then scream “President Trump is playing golf.” Actually, I play VERY fast, get a lot of work done on the golf course, and also get a “tiny” bit of exercise. Not bad!

現地時間 7/12 8:11
(注)土曜にニューハンプシャーで予定されていた集会が嵐のため延期されたため、バージニア州のTrump National Golf Clubでゴルフをしたと報じられた。

We have now built 240 Miles of new Border Wall on our Southern Border. We will have over 450 Miles built by the end of the year. Have established some of the best Border Numbers ever. The Radical Left Democrats want Open Borders for anyone, including many criminals, to come in!

現地時間 7/12 7:52

I disagreed with doing this very small (tiny) section of wall, in a tricky area, by a private group which raised money by ads. It was only done to make me look bad, and perhsps it now doesn’t even work. Should have been built like rest of Wall, 500 plus miles.

現地時間 7/12 7:32
[Jeremy Schwartz:民間の壁を専門家が点検。政府顧問弁護士が、基礎やリオ・グランデ川土手部分で4箇所の問題を発見。]

Do RINO’S Pat Toomey & Mitt Romney have any problem with the fact that we caught Obama, Biden, & Company illegally spying on my campaign? Do they care if Comey, McCabe, Page & her lover, Peter S, the whole group, ran rampant, wild & unchecked - lying & leaking all the way? NO!

現地時間 7/11 23:29


現地時間 7/11 23:09

Does anyone notice that the real Polls, as opposed to the Fake Suppression Polls also used in 2016, are starting to define Sleepy Joe Biden as someone totally ill-equipped to control the Radical Left, Crime, Cancel Culture, or to even come close to me on REBUILDING THE ECONOMY?

現地時間 7/11 21:48


現地時間 7/11 21:00


現地時間 7/11 20:45

What an INCREDIBLE opening by @JesseBWatters. I will put it up later for everyone to see!

現地時間 7/11 20:09

New documents just released reveal General Flynn was telling the truth, and the FBI knew it! @OANN

現地時間 7/11 8:45

Big Senate Race in Alabama on Tuesday. Vote for @TTuberville, he is a winner who will never let you down. Jeff Sessions is a disaster who has let us all down. We don’t want him back in Washington!

現地時間 7/11 8:36

Bring back Steele!!!

現地時間 7/11 8:27

So cute!

現地時間 7/11 8:25
[John Solomon:ペロシは、財務記録を公表するつもりはないが、大統領候補になるならほぼ間違いなく公表するとしている。(Just The News)]

Roger Stone was targeted by an illegal Witch Hunt that never should have taken place. It is the other side that are criminals, including Biden and Obama, who spied on my campaign - AND GOT CAUGHT!

現地時間 7/11 8:24

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