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I’m OK with that!

現地時間 9/14 14:35
[Kassy Dillonsのツイート:私はトランプに投票はするけど、トランプと友達にはなれない。アンドリュー・ヤンは、投票はしないけど友達にはなれそう。(それ程ヤンを褒めちぎるなら投票すればいいのに、との声に対して)]

I had a call today with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the possibility of moving forward with a Mutual Defense Treaty, between the United States and Israel, that would further anchor the tremendous alliance.... ....between our two countries. I look forward to continuing those discussions after the Israeli Elections when we meet at the United Nations later this month!

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現地時間 9/14 9:09

94% Approval Rating in the Republican Party! Tuesday night in the Great State of North Carolina proved that high and very beautiful number correct.

現地時間 9/14 9:08

Who the hell is Joy-Ann Reid? Never met her, she knows ZERO about me, has NO talent, and truly doesn’t have the “it” factor needed for success in showbiz. Had a bad reputation, and now works for the Comcast/NBC losers making up phony stories about me. Low Ratings. Fake News!

現地時間 9/14 9:04

“A Very Stable Genius!” Thank you.

現地時間 9/14 8:44
(注) 2018年1月に大統領の精神状態への不安がとり沙汰されてから度々使うフレーズ。引用した人等は不明。

While I like the Vaping alternative to Cigarettes, we need to make sure this alternative is SAFE for ALL! Let’s get counterfeits off the market, and keep young children from Vaping!

現地時間 9/13 18:35

Great news about the work we are doing on illegal immigration!

現地時間 9/13 18:08

Historic Milestone indeed!

現地時間 9/13 16:33

The two big Congressional wins in North Carolina on Tuesday, Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy, have reverberated all over the World. They showed a lot of people how strong the Republican Party is, and how well it is doing. 2020 is a big, and very important, Election. We will WIN!

現地時間 9/13 10:48
火曜はノースカロライナ州の(連邦下院) 選挙で2つの勝利を得た。ダン・ビショップとグレッグ・マーフィーだ、世界中から反響があった。彼らは共和党の強さと順調さを見せつけたのだ。2020年は重要な選挙。我々は勝つのだ!

Illegal Immigration costs the USA over 300 Billion Dollars a year. There is no reason for this, and things are being set in motion to have this number come WAY DOWN. Democrats could end Loopholes and it would be a whole lot easier, and faster. But it will all happen anyway!.... ....VERY stupidly negotiated Trade Deals, and Illegal Immigration, are a tremendous cost and burden to our Country. They are BOTH coming along very well and someday, in the not too distant future, America will see a very positive change. Remember, America First!

現地時間 9/13 10:41

How do you impeach a President who has helped create perhaps the greatest economy in the history of our Country? All time best unemployment numbers, especially for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians & Women. More people working today than ever before. Rebuilt Military & Choice for Vets... ....Became Number 1 in World & Independent in Energy. Will soon have record number of Judges, 2 SC Justices. Done more than any President in first 2 1/2 years despite phony & fraudulent Witch Hunt illegally led against him. WIN on Mueller Report, Mueller Testimony & James Comey.. ....IG Report, which showed him to be a Disgraced & Dirty Cop. Republicans have unified like never before. You don’t impeach Presidents for doing a good (great!) job. No Obstruction, No Collusion, only treasonous crimes committed by the other side, and led by the Democrats. Sad!

現地時間 9/13 8:58
米国史上最高の経済に貢献した大統領をどういうわけで弾劾しようというのだ? 黒人やヒスパニック系、アジア系、女性で失業率最低。就業者数も最高だ。軍備強化、退役軍人改革。

Hello Baltimore!

現地時間 9/12 18:49

In fact, my views on Venezuela, and especially Cuba, were far stronger than those of John Bolton. He was holding me back!

現地時間 9/12 13:22

“This should have been over with after the Mueller Report came out.” @guypbenson @FoxNews

現地時間 9/12 10:15

“We can’t beat him, so lets impeach him!” Democrat Rep. Al Green

現地時間 9/12 10:07

“Dems have never gotten over the fact that President Trump won the Election!” @GOPLeader McCarthy

現地時間 9/12 9:08

Some really big Court wins on the Border lately!

現地時間 9/12 9:05

It is expected that China will be buying large amounts of our agricultural products!

現地時間 9/12 8:45

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