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We now have the greatest Economy in history!

現地時間 10/15 23:22

A great group of Champions!

現地時間 10/15 23:16

Looks good to me!

現地時間 10/15 23:15
[ダン・スカヴィーノ:信頼できるムーディーズ・アナリティクスの調査では、2020年の選挙でトランプ楽勝との予想(CNBC) ]

Shifty Adam Schiff wants to rest his entire case on a Whistleblower who he now says can’t testify, & the reason he can’t testify is that he is afraid to do so because his account of the Presidential telephone call is a fraud & totally different from the actual transcribed call... .... It also brings Shifty’s fraudulent MADE UP CALL, which he read to the United States Congress pretending it to be the words of President Trump, which they were not! Nancy Pelosi is involved in this fraud in that she confirmed his fraudulent words on @GMA, and much more!

現地時間 10/15 22:21
狡猾なアダム・シフは、内部告発者が証言ができないとしてこの件を終わらせたいようだ。証言が出来ない理由とは、告白内容が偽物で実際のものとは全く違うからで、これにより、シフが会話をねつ造したことも浮上したのだ。シフは大統領の言葉だと偽り会話内容を議会で読み上げたが、実際とは違うものだ!ナンシー・ペロシも、シフの言葉をGMA(ABCニュース) で認めたという点等により、この詐欺に関与している!


現地時間 10/15 18:34

The @StLouisBlues amazing comeback reminds us to never give up - and never lose faith. When you work hard, support each other, believe in yourself, and give it everything you’ve got, victory is always within reach! #STLBlues

現地時間 10/15 16:05

Congratulations @StLouisBlues!

現地時間 10/15 15:58
(アイスホッケー) セント・ルイスブルース(ミズーリ州) おめでとう!

Now that we have found out that @CNN is a virtual fraud, rumor has it that Jeff Zucker will be resigining momentarily?

現地時間 10/15 14:04

Join me in Dallas, Texas this Thursday (October 17th) at the American Airlines Center! #KAG2020 Tickets: donaldjtrump.com/events/dal-tx-…

現地時間 10/15 12:41

Mississippi, there is a VERY important election for Governor on November 5th. I need you to Get Out and Vote for our Great Republican nominee, @TateReeves. Tate is strong on Crime, tough on Illegal Immigration, and will protect your Second Amendment.... ....He loves our Military and supports our Vets! Get out and Vote for Tate Reeves on November 5th. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

現地時間 10/15 11:57

Just out: MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME IS AT THE HIGHEST POINT EVER, EVER, EVER! How about saying it this way, IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY! Also, MORE PEOPLE WORKING TODAY IN THE USA THAN AT ANY TIME IN HISTORY! Tough numbers for the Radical Left Democrats to beat! Impeach the Pres.

現地時間 10/15 11:32

Governor @MattBevin has done a wonderful job for the people of Kentucky! He continues to protect your very important Second Amendment. Matt is Strong on Crime and the Border, he Loves our Great Vets and Military. Matt has my Complete and Total Endorsement, and always has!

現地時間 10/15 11:30

Hunter Biden was really bad on @GMA. Now Sleepy Joe has real problems! Reminds me of Crooked Hillary and her 33,000 deleted Emails, not recoverable!

現地時間 10/15 11:14

Democrats are allowing no transparency at the Witch Hunt hearings. If Republicans ever did this they would be excoriated by the Fake News. Let the facts come out from the charade of people, most of whom I do not know, they are interviewing for 9 hours each, not selective leaks.

現地時間 10/15 9:40
民主党は魔女狩り証言での透明性の維持を許そうとしない。 これをやったのが共和党ならば、偽ニュースに激しく非難されたであろう。人々(私がほぼ知らない) の見え透いた嘘から事実を引き出すのだ。各人9時間の聴聞だ。差別的リークはない。

“Project Veritas-Obtained Undercover Videos Highlight Jeff Zucker’s (@CNN) Campaign To Destroy Trump. Videos Reveal @CNN’s BIAS!” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews Does this sound like a good, or even great, lawsuit?

現地時間 10/14 20:51
「プロジェクト・ベリタスより:トランプを潰そうとするジェフ・ザッカー(CNN社長) の動きを暴く(内部告発による) 隠しカメラ映像を入手。CNNの偏向を露呈する映像。」FOXのタッカー・カールソン。これはまさに訴訟にふさわしいのではないか?

A big scandal at @ABC News. They got caught using really gruesome FAKE footage of the Turks bombing in Syria. A real disgrace. Tomorrow they will ask softball questions to Sleepy Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, like why did Ukraine & China pay you millions when you knew nothing? Payoff?

ABCニュースで大スキャンダルだ。シリアでのトルコ爆撃の恐ろしい偽映像を使ったのがバレたのだ。全く不名誉だ。明日居眠りジョーバイデン の息子に下らない質問をするのだろう。何の知識もないのに、何故ウクライナや中国で何百万ドルの給与を得られだのか、とか。賄賂か?

Shifty Schiff now seems to think they don’t need the Whistleblower, who started the whole Scam. The reason is that the Whistleblower has lost all credibility because the story is so far from the facts on the Transcript. Also, the second Whistleblower is no longer even mentioned!

現地時間 10/14 20:17

"The House gone rogue! I want to remind you a little bit about the ring leader in this whole rogue operation against the President of the United States..." @MarkLevinShow

現地時間 10/14 18:34

"It doesn’t speak for the FULL HOUSE because the FULL HOUSE hasn’t spoken. The Democrat Party is pushing this Impeachment. This is a Democrat Party Impeachment, as I have been saying, a silent COUP effort." @MarkLevinShow

現地時間 10/14 18:19

"The Democrat Party has hijacked the House of Representatives..." @MarkLevinShow

現地時間 10/14 18:06

1 2 3 .... 10 20 30 .... 501

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