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Great analysis by @foxandfriends!

現地時間 2/18 8:02
FOX and friendsの素晴らしい分析力!

....There is a lot of explaining to do to the millions of people who had just elected a president who they really like and who has done a great job for them with the Military, Vets, Economy and so much more. This was the illegal and treasonous “insurance policy” in full action!

現地時間 2/18 7:29

Wow, so many lies by now disgraced acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. He was fired for lying, and now his story gets even more deranged. He and Rod Rosenstein, who was hired by Jeff Sessions (another beauty), look like they were planning a very illegal act, and got caught.....

現地時間 2/18 7:15
FBI長官代行アンドリュー・マッケイブはこれまで多くの嘘を重ねてきた。それで罷免となり、また今、彼の嘘が度を越してきている。セッションズ(こちらも酷い) に任命されたロッド・ローゼンスタイン(司法副長官) と共に、違法行為を計画していたところを見つかったのだ…

“After two years and interviewing more than two hundred witnesses, the Senate Intelligence Committee has NOT discovered any direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump Campaign and Russia.” Ken Dilanian @NBCNews

現地時間 2/18 6:56

Death of a California Dream wsj.com/articles/death… via @WSJOpinion

現地時間 2/14 12:02
キンバリー・ストラッセル(WSJ編集委員) をリツイート
[WSJ記事: 「カリフォルニアドリームの消滅」 (高速鉄道計画中止に関して) ]

William Barr is arriving at a Justice Department that desperately needs an infusion of credibility, writes @KimStrassel wsj.com/articles/bill-… via @WSJ

現地時間 2/17 23:21

The Mueller investigation is totally conflicted, illegal and rigged! Should never have been allowed to begin, except for the Collusion and many crimes committed by the Democrats. Witch Hunt!

現地時間 2/17 18:45

“These guys, the investigators, ought to be in jail. What they have done, working with the Obama intelligence agencies, is simply unprecedented. This is one of the greatest political hoaxes ever perpetrated on the people of this Country, and Mueller is a coverup.” Rush Limbaugh

現地時間 2/17 16:32


現地時間 2/17 13:29


現地時間 2/17 13:28


現地時間 2/17 7:56

Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion!

現地時間 2/17 7:52
偽ニュースNBCの飽き飽きするサタデーナイトライブは全くつまらない!問題は、なぜ彼らは共和党をこけにしながら、他のメディアのように報いを受けていないのだ? 全く不公平で、調べさせるべきだ。これが本当の共謀だ!

52% Approval Rating, 93% in Republican Party ( a record )! Pretty amazing considering that 93% (also) of my press is REALLY BAD. The “people” are SMART!

現地時間 2/17 7:41
支持率52%、共和党内では93%(記録的!) の支持率だ!私に関する報道の93%が酷いものだということを考慮すると、非常に素晴らしいことだ。国民は賢明だ!

Democrats in the Senate are still slow walking hundreds of highly qualified people wanting to come into government. Never been such an abuse in our country’s history. Mitch should not let Senate go home until all are approved. We need our Ambassadors and all others NOW!

現地時間 2/17 7:24

Important meetings and calls on China Trade Deal, and more, today with my staff. Big progress being made on soooo many different fronts! Our Country has such fantastic potential for future growth and greatness on an even higher level!

現地時間 2/17 7:00
中国との通商交渉他に関して、我が政権スタッフらと大事な会合や電話をしている。非常に多岐にわたり、大きな進展が見られている! 米国は、未来の成長、そして更なるレベルに登れるような素晴らしい可能性を秘めている!

.@NYTIMES complains @realDonaldTrump crackdown on asylum scamming is working.

現地時間 2/16 16:54

Mueller Will Harass @RealDonaldTrump for Entire Term jwatch.us/8A3vSM via @JudicialWatch

現地時間 2/16 23:05

BIG:Strzok/Page Docs Show More Collusion to Protect Hillary Clinton; Voter Fraud Crisis--Thousands of Aliens Illegally Voting, PLUS @RealDonaldTrump is first president in 70 years to take border security seriously. Major @JudicialWatch Update: youtu.be/bxGlWmF8Icw

現地時間 2/15 15:59
大ニュース: ストラゾックとページのテキストから更なるヒラリー擁護の証拠。不法移民数千人の投票で選挙不正の危機。トランプは70年で国境警備問題に真摯に取り組んた最初の大統領。ジューディカルウオッチより:

Protecting America and putting Americans first. Thank you Mr. President!

現地時間 2/16 22:52

....The U.S. does not want to watch as these ISIS fighters permeate Europe, which is where they are expected to go. We do so much, and spend so much - Time for others to step up and do the job that they are so capable of doing. We are pulling back after 100% Caliphate victory!

現地時間 2/16 23:01

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