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A government shutdown will be devastating to our military...something the Dems care very little about!

現地時間 1/18 8:49

CHIP should be part of a long term solution, not a 30 Day, or short term, extension!

現地時間 1/18 8:37
児童医療保険プログラム(CHIP) は、30日や短期、延長でなく長期的計画に盛り込むべきだ!

(注) CHIP: メディケイドの受給資格がない低所得世帯の無保険の児童が加入できる保険。実施期間延長で2019年度まで継続。

We need the Wall for the safety and security of our country. We need the Wall to help stop the massive inflow of drugs from Mexico, now rated the number one most dangerous country in the world. If there is no Wall, there is no Deal!

現地時間 1/18 8:16

Will be going to Pennsylvania today in order to give my total support to RICK SACCONE, running for Congress in a Special Election (March 13). Rick is a great guy. We need more Republicans to continue our already successful agenda!

現地時間 1/18 7:53
今日は特別選挙(3月3日) に出るリック・サッコーンの応援のためペンシルバニア州へ行く予定。リックは素晴らしい男だ。我々が成功している今の政策を更に進めるため、もっと共和党議員を増やさなくては!

....The Wall will be paid for, directly or indirectly, or through longer term reimbursement, by Mexico, which has a ridiculous $71 billion dollar trade surplus with the U.S. The $20 billion dollar Wall is “peanuts” compared to what Mexico makes from the U.S. NAFTA is a bad joke!

現地時間 1/18 6:25

The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it. Parts will be, of necessity, see through and it was never intended to be built in areas where there is natural protection such as mountains, wastelands or tough rivers or water.....

現地時間 1/18 6:15

ISIS is in retreat, our economy is booming, investments and jobs are pouring back into the country, and so much more! Together there is nothing we can’t overcome--even a very biased media. We ARE Making America Great Again!

現地時間 1/17 20:11

Despite some very corrupt and dishonest media coverage, there are many great reporters I respect and lots of GOOD NEWS for the American people to be proud of!

現地時間 1/17 20:05

And the FAKE NEWS winners are...

現地時間 1/17 20:00

Main Street is BACK! Strongest Holiday Sales bump since the Great Recession -- beating forecasts by BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

現地時間 1/17 18:36
(CNBC記事: 大型休暇の小売売り上げ昨年同時期より5.5%上昇)

During the campaign, I promised to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by bringing businesses and jobs back to our country. I am very proud to see companies like Chrysler moving operations from Mexico to Michigan where there are so many great American workers!

現地時間 1/17 18:32

I promised that my policies would allow companies like Apple to bring massive amounts of money back to the United States. Great to see Apple follow through as a result of TAX CUTS. Huge win for American workers and the USA!

現地時間 1/17 18:28
(CNBC記事: アップルが今後5年3500億ドル米国投資計画)

Today, we witnessed an incredible moment in history - the presentation of Congress’ highest civilian honor to our friend, and true AMERICAN HERO, Bob Dole. #CongressionalGoldMedal

現地時間 1/17 18:19

Eric Trump on @foxandfriends now!

現地時間 1/17 10:04
今現在エリックがFOX and friendsに出演中だ!

....we need to keep America safe, including moving away from a random chain migration and lottery system, to one that is merit-based. dhs.gov/publication/ex…

現地時間 1/16 18:20
(国土安全保障省リンク: 昨年3月、6か国からの入国禁止の大統領令13780)

New report from DOJ & DHS shows that nearly 3 in 4 individuals convicted of terrorism-related charges are foreign-born. We have submitted to Congress a list of resources and reforms....

現地時間 1/16 18:19

Today, it was my honor to welcome President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan to the @WhiteHouse!

現地時間 1/16 15:17

“President Donald J. Trump Proclaims January 16, 2018, as Religious Freedom Day”

現地時間 1/16 14:43

Unemployment for Black Americans is the lowest ever recorded. Trump approval ratings with Black Americans has doubled. Thank you, and it will get even (much) better! @FoxNews

現地時間 1/16 9:30

“90% of Trump 2017 news coverage was negative” -and much of it contrived!@foxandfriends

現地時間 1/16 9:24
「2017年のトランプ関連の報道の90%は否定的内容だった」そして、そのほとんどは嘘っぽい!(FOX and friends)

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