特集 トランプツイッター(トランプのつぶやき)
“Job openings hit record high of 6.6 million”

現地時間 5/13 17:54

“Trump is putting the US back on top”

現地時間 5/13 13:25

Heading over to Walter Reed Medical Center to see our great First Lady, Melania. Successful procedure, she is in good spirits. Thank you to all of the well-wishers!

現地時間 5/14 17:09

(注) メラニア夫人は良性の腎機能により手術を行った。

The so-called leaks coming out of the White House are a massive over exaggeration put out by the Fake News Media in order to make us look as bad as possible. With that being said, leakers are traitors and cowards, and we will find out who they are!

現地時間 5/14 16:46
偽ニュースは、ホワイトハウスの情報漏洩が沢山だと誇張し、我々の信用を落とそうしている。 それはそれとして、漏洩者は裏切り者で臆病者だ、必ず誰なのか見つけ出してやる!

ZTE, the large Chinese phone company, buys a big percentage of individual parts from U.S. companies. This is also reflective of the larger trade deal we are negotiating with China and my personal relationship with President Xi.

現地時間 5/14 16:06


現地時間 5/14 11:16
(動画: 開館式)

U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem will be covered live on @FoxNews & @FoxBusiness. Lead up to 9:00 A.M. (eastern) event has already begun. A great day for Israel!

現地時間 5/14 6:54

So sad to see the Terror Attack in Paris. At some point countries will have to open their eyes & see what is really going on. This kind of sickness & hatred is not compatible with a loving, peaceful, & successful country! Changes to our thought process on terror must be made.

現地時間 5/13 20:03

Remember how badly Iran was behaving with the Iran Deal in place. They were trying to take over the Middle East by whatever means necessary. Now, that will not happen!

現地時間 5/13 16:11

China and the United States are working well together on trade, but past negotiations have been so one sided in favor of China, for so many years, that it is hard for them to make a deal that benefits both countries. But be cool, it will all work out!

現地時間 5/13 15:22

President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!

現地時間 5/13 11:01
中国の習国家主席と私は、中国の通信機器大手ZTEが速やかにビジネスを再開できるよう共に取り組んでいる。中国で多くの雇用が失われている。商務省に(事業再開方策で) 指示を出した!

(注) イランと北朝鮮に対する米制裁措置に違反した問題で、米商務省は先月、米企業が同社に製品販売を行うことを禁止する制裁を課していた。

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

現地時間 5/13 8:29
(週間報告演説: 母の日)

The Senate should get funding done before the August break, or NOT GO HOME. Wall and Border Security should be included. Also waiting for approval of almost 300 nominations, worst in history. Democrats are doing everything possible to obstruct, all they know how to do. STAY!

現地時間 5/12 18:20・日本時間13日朝

Iran’s Military Budget is up more than 40% since the Obama negotiated Nuclear Deal was reached...just another indicator that it was all a big lie. But not anymore!

現地時間 5/12 18:02・日本時間13日朝

North Korea has announced that they will dismantle Nuclear Test Site this month, ahead of the big Summit Meeting on June 12th. Thank you, a very smart and gracious gesture!

現地時間 5/12 17:08・日本時間13日朝

Why doesn’t the Fake News Media state that the Trump Administration’s Anti-Trust Division has been, and is, opposed to the AT&T purchase of Time Warner in a currently ongoing Trial. Such a disgrace in reporting!

現地時間 5/11 19:49・日本時間12日朝
何故偽ニュースメディアはトランプ政権(司法省) 反トラスト局が現在訴訟中のAT&Tのタイムワーナー買収に反対していたと報道しないのだろう。報道の恥ずべき点だ!

(注) トランプのコーエン弁護士にAT&Tが顧問料を払ったとされる。

Big week next week when the American Embassy in Israel will be moved to Jerusalem. Congratulations to all!

現地時間 5/11 19:39・日本時間12日朝

The American people deserve a healthcare system that takes care of them - not one that takes advantage of them. We will work every day to ensure all Americans have access to the quality, affordable medication they need and deserve. We will not rest until the job is done!

現地時間 5/11 16:56・日本時間12日早朝

Today, my Administration is launching the most sweeping action in history to lower the price of prescription drugs for the American People. We will have tougher negotiation, more competition, and much lower prices at the pharmacy counter!

現地時間 5/11 15:30・日本時間12日早朝

Thank you Indiana! #MAGA

現地時間 5/10 20:49
(中継: 大統領と副大統領がインディアナで集会)

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