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Glad @POTUS is coming to PGH Thurs. to highlight how #TaxReform is working! It hasn’t been a month & already 2+ million workers, many from PA, are benefiting from the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. I went to the floor to share how the bill is helping PA. Watch:
現地時間 1/17 18:29

@POTUS connected with average workers who understand that $1K-2K extra a year is real money for a working family, “not crumbs.” The #TaxCutsandJobsAct act is about making America prosperous again, and today’s great economic news is the sound of an economy roaring back to life.
現地時間 1/18 16:47
キース・ロスフス議員(ペンシルバニア州) をリツイート

Just touched down in #Pittsburgh with @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. We’re excited to talk about how tax reform is already impacting local businesses and our economy. You can watch live here
現地時間 1/18 14:26
ビル・シャスター議員(ペンシルバニア州) をリツイート

At H&K Equipment with @POTUS to hear about how #taxreform is putting America back to work. H&K Equipment is investing at a rate of 50 percent higher than last year. Thanks to tax reform companies across the country have increased hiring, benefits, and wages. #FairandSimple
現地時間 1/18 15:24
グレン・トンプソン議員(ペンシルバニア州) をリツイート
大統領とH&K Equipment(資材運搬機器製造業)で減税効果を視察。同社は昨年比50%投資増加。税制改革を受け全国の企業が雇用増、手当や賃金を上げている。

We are working together to make this nation a better place for EVERY American. #TaxCuts are already making America’s economy roar. @realdonaldtrump @POTUS is working for the American people to #MAGA. The Great American Revival picks up steam day after day!
現地時間 1/18 15:34

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