特集 トランプツイッター(トランプのつぶやき)
.@jasoninthehouse: Anything Mueller is doing with his investigation is tainted by the anti-Trump FBI agents
現地時間 6/15 7:39・日本時間15日夜
ジェイソン・チャフェッツ: ムラーが捜査していることは反トランプのFBI諜報員により歪められたものだ。

.@jasoninthehouse: The DOJ IG report is 562 pages of nothing but bias and animus
現地時間 6/15 7:29・日本時間15日夜
ジェイソン・チャフェッツ: 562ページから成る司法省の報告書は、偏向と憎悪に満ちている。

“This is one of the most damning rebukes of the FBI that I think we’ve ever seen.” -@jasoninthehouse
現地時間 6/15 7:19・日本時間15日夜

Thank you for all of the compliments on getting the World Cup to come to the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada. I worked hard on this, along with a Great Team of talented people. We never fail, and it will be a great World Cup! A special thanks to Bob Kraft for excellent advice.
現地時間 6/15 7:06・日本時間15日夜

The IG Report is a total disaster for Comey, his minions and sadly, the FBI. Comey will now officially go down as the worst leader, by far, in the history of the FBI. I did a great service to the people in firing him. Good Instincts. Christopher Wray will bring it proudly back!
現地時間 6/15 6:55・日本時間15日夜

FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who headed the Clinton & Russia investigations, texted to his lover Lisa Page, in the IG Report, that “we’ll stop” candidate Trump from becoming President. Doesn’t get any lower than that!
現地時間 6/15 6:35・日本時間15日夜
クリントンやロシアの捜査を率いていたFBI諜報員ピーター・ストラーゾックは愛人のリサ・ページに「我々が(トランプ候補が大統領にならないよう) 阻止しよう」とメッセージを送っていた、と監察官の報告書にある。そこまで卑劣にならないでくれ!

DOJ IG report finds that an FBI lawyer told a bureau employee “Viva le resistance” after President Trump was elected
現地時間 6/15 6:35・日本時間15日夜

IG REPORT BOMBSHELL: Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok texted his lover Lisa Page "we’ll stop" Trump from becoming president
現地時間 6/15 6:25・日本時間15日夜
監察官報告書発表: クリントンやロシア捜査を率いていた反トランプFBI捜査員ピーター・ストラーゾックは、愛人のリサ・ページに「我々が (トランプ候補が大統領にならないよう) 阻止しよう」とメッセージを送っていた。

Happy #FlagDay
現地時間 6/14 13:34

Happy 243rd Birthday to the @USArmy! Thank you for your bravery, sacrifices, and dedication to the U.S.A. We love you!
現地時間 6/14 12:33

....Schneiderman, who ran the Clinton campaign in New York, never had the guts to bring this ridiculous case, which lingered in their office for almost 2 years. Now he resigned his office in disgrace, and his disciples brought it when we would not settle.
現地時間 6/14 11:09
…ニューヨークでクリントン陣営を統括したシュナイダーマンは、2年間くすぶっていたこのおかしな事案の提訴に踏み出す気概がなかった。だが、(女性暴行疑惑で) 不名誉に辞職し、和解的できなくなった今になり、部下がこれを行なったのだ。

The sleazy New York Democrats, and their now disgraced (and run out of town) A.G. Eric Schneiderman, are doing everything they can to sue me on a foundation that took in $18,800,000 and gave out to charity more money than it took in, $19,200,000. I won’t settle this case!...
現地時間 6/14 11:09
不実なニューヨークの民主党議員ら、そして恥さらしの (逃げるように去った) エリック・シュナイダーマン前司法長官は、1880万ドルの収入を上回る1920万ドルを慈善事業に拠出した財団に対して、あやゆる手を使い提訴してきた。私はこの件で和解などするつもりはない!

(注) ニューヨーク州のアンダーウッド司法長官は、不適切な政治活動や自己取引などで、トランプ財団、大統領と家族を提訴した。

So, the Democrats make up a phony crime, Collusion with the Russians, pay a fortune to make the crime sound real, illegally leak (Comey) classified information so that a Special Councel will be appointed, and then Collude to make this pile of garbage take on life in Fake News!
現地時間 6/14 11:08
民主党はロシア共謀という虚偽の犯罪をねつ造し、本当にあったかのように聞こえるように大金を払い、違法な情報漏えい(コミー) をした。特別捜査官を任命し、偽ニュースに流しこの嘘で固めたものに息を吹き込むためにだ!

Now that I am back from Singapore, where we had a great result with respect to North Korea, the thought process must sadly go back to the Witch Hunt, always remembering that there was No Collusion and No Obstruction of the fabricated No Crime.
現地時間 6/14 11:08

The Republican Party is starting to show very big numbers. People are starting to see what is being done. Results are speaking loudly. North Korea and our greatest ever economy are leading the way!
現地時間 6/14 8:34

Congratulations to @KevinCramer on his huge win in North Dakota. We need Kevin in the Senate, and I strongly endorse him. Heidi voted NO on our Tax Cuts, and always will vote no when we need her. Kevin is strong on Crime & Borders, big on Cutting Taxes!
現地時間 6/13 16:50
ノースダコタ州で大勝利したケビン・クラマーおめでとう。我々はケビンが必要だ、そして私は彼を支持する。ハイディ(ハイトカンプ) は我々の減税に反対票を投じ、ことごとく我々に反対してくるだろう。ケビンは犯罪や国境警備に厳格で、減税に大賛成だ!

Congratulations to Danny Tarkanian on his big GOP primary win in Nevada. Danny worked hard an got a great result. Looking good in November!
現地時間 6/13 16:17

Senator Claire McCaskill of the GREAT State of Missouri flew around in a luxurious private jet during her RV tour of the state. RV’s are not for her. People are really upset, so phony! Josh Hawley should win big, and has my full endorsement.
現地時間 6/13 16:11

So funny to watch the Fake News, especially NBC and CNN. They are fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea. 500 days ago they would have “begged” for this deal-looked like war would break out. Our Country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!
現地時間 6/13 9:30

Oil prices are too high, OPEC is at it again. Not good!
現地時間 6/13 7:52

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