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Melania and I met such incredible people last night in Broward County, Florida. Will never forget them, or the evening!
現地時間 2/17 14:04・日本時間18日早朝

Our entire Nation, w/one heavy heart, continues to pray for the victims & their families in Parkland, FL. To teachers, law enforcement, first responders & medical professionals who responded so bravely in the face of danger: We THANK YOU for your courage! instagram.com/p/BfSO1z6gpaB/
現地時間 2/16 23:53・日本時間17日午後

Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President. The results of the election were not impacted. The Trump campaign did nothing wrong - no collusion!
現地時間 2/16 15:18・日本時間17日早朝

Cannot believe how BADLY DACA recipients have been treated by the Democrats...totally abandoned! Republicans are still working hard.
現地時間 2/16 9:49・日本時間16日夜

I will be leaving for Florida today to meet with some of the bravest people on earth - but people whose lives have been totally shattered. Am also working with Congress on many fronts.
現地時間 2/16 9:37・日本時間16日夜

Presidential Proclamation Honoring the Victims of the Tragedy in Parkland, Florida: 45.wh.gov/POTUSProclamat…
現地時間 2/15 15:19
(写真: ホワイトハウスの半旗掲揚)

...lottery, continues deadly catch-and-release, and bars enforcement even for FUTURE illegal immigrants. Voting for this amendment would be a vote AGAINST law enforcement, and a vote FOR open borders. If Dems are actually serious about DACA, they should support the Grassley bill!
現地時間 2/15 14:26
審理まで釈放) 方針を継続するもので、当局の今後の不法移民取締も禁じている。この修正案に投票することは法当局へ反対し、国境開放に賛成することである。民主党がDACAを真剣に考えているなら、グラスリー法案を支持すべきだ!

(注) トランプは上院超党派法案(ドリーマーを保護、合法移民を削減、国境警備強化)を支持しているが多くの議員が反対。

The Schumer-Rounds-Collins immigration bill would be a total catastrophe. @DHSgov says it would be “the end of immigration enforcement in America.” It creates a giant amnesty (including for dangerous criminals), doesn’t build the wall, expands chain migration, keeps the visa...
現地時間 2/15 14:25

Schumer-Rounds-Collins destroys the ability of @DHSgov to enforce immigration laws, creating a mass amnesty for over 10 million illegal aliens, including criminals. dhs.gov/news/2018/02/1…
現地時間 2/15 8:55

In times of tragedy, the bonds that sustain us are those of family, faith, community, and country. These bonds are stronger than the forces of hatred and evil - and these bonds grow even stronger in the hours of our greatest need. 45.wh.gov/ParklandFL
現地時間 2/15 12:33

While the Republicans and Democrats in Congress are working hard to come up with a solution to DACA, they should be strongly considering a system of Merit Based Immigration so that we will have the people ready, willing and able to help all of those companies moving into the USA!
現地時間 2/15 9:57

So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!
現地時間 2/15 7:12

Just spoke to Governor Rick Scott. We are working closely with law enforcement on the terrible Florida school shooting.
現地時間 2/14 15:55

My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.
現地時間 2/14 15:50
フロリダの(高校での) 発砲事件の被害者家族にお悔やみを申し上げる。生徒、教師、誰もが学校での身の安全に不安を覚える事があってはならない。

Today, I was honored to be joined by Republicans and Democrats from both the House and Senate, as well as members of my Cabinet - to discuss the urgent need to rebuild and restore America’s depleted infrastructure. 45.wh.gov/UDL9yE
現地時間 2/14 14:11

As we come together to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of African-Americans to our nation, our thoughts turn to the heroes of the civil rights movement whose courage and sacrifice have inspired us all. Proclamation: 45.wh.gov/c9Gvt9
現地時間 2/14 13:15
(黒人歴史月間である今月) アフリカ系米国人たちの国への優れた貢献を讃えるため集結する時、我々は勇敢に犠牲を払った公民権運動のヒーローたちへ想いを馳せる。宣言: ホワイトハウス文書「黒人歴史月間」

Negotiations on DACA have begun. Republicans want to make a deal and Democrats say they want to make a deal. Wouldn’t it be great if we could finally, after so many years, solve the DACA puzzle. This will be our last chance, there will never be another opportunity! March 5th.
現地時間 2/13 5:52
DACA交渉が始まった。共和党は交渉をまとめたいと思っているし、民主党も交渉したいと言っている。何年もかかったが遂にDACAの難題が解決出来るとしたら素晴らしい事ではないか。これが我々の最後のチャンスだ、もう二度とこのような機会はない!(期限は) 3月5日だ。

Our infrastructure plan has been put forward and has received great reviews by everyone except, of course, the Democrats. After many years we have taken care of our Military, now we have to fix our roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and more. Bipartisan, make deal Dems?
現地時間 2/13 5:43

The journey to #MAGA began @CPAC 2011 and the opportunity to reconnect with friends and supporters is something I look forward to every year. See you at #CPAC2018!
現地時間 2/12 15:48
MAGAに向けた旅路は、2011年のCPAC(保守行動会議) から始まった。一年に一度、友人や後援者と集う機会を私は毎年楽しみにしている。CPAC2018で会おう!

Thank you to Sue Kruczek, who lost her wonderful and talented son Nick to the Opioid scourge, for your kind words while on @foxandfriends. We are fighting this terrible epidemic hard - Nick will not have died in vain!
現地時間 2/12 7:54

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