特集 トランプツイッター(トランプのつぶやき)
Taliban targeted innocent Afghans, brave police in Kabul today. Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims, and first responders. We will not allow the Taliban to win!
現地時間1/27 17:59・日本時間28日朝
今日アフガニスタンのカブールで、罪のない人々や勇敢な警官がタリバンの(テロの) 標的となった。犠牲者や救命隊に祈りを捧げる。我々はタリバンを見逃しはしない!

On Holocaust Remembrance Day we mourn and grieve the murder of 6 million innocent Jewish men, women and children, and the millions of others who perished in the evil Nazi Genocide. We pledge with all of our might and resolve: Never Again! 45.wh.gov/EnM9Dn
現地時間1/27 14:30・日本時間28日早朝

Thank you to Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Council for his strong statement on @foxandfriends that we very badly NEED THE WALL. Must also end loophole of “catch & release” and clean up the legal and other procedures at the border NOW for Safety & Security reasons.
現地時間1/27 6:55・日本時間27日夜
FOX and friendsで国境の壁の必要性を説いてくれた全米国境警備協議会のブランドン・ジャッドありがとう。治安や安全保障面において、「キャッチ アンド リリース」の抜け穴を無くし、今こそ国境警備の法規及び諸手続きも一新しなければならない。

Thank you for the wonderful welcome @WEF! #Davos2018
現地時間1/26 18:27・日本時間27日朝
(Javier Blasブルームバーグ特派員のツイート: トランプの演説を見るために皆が1時間前から並んでいる。コンサート会場の若者の列の様だが億万長者やCEO達だ。)

DACA has been made increasingly difficult by the fact that Cryin’ Chuck Schumer took such a beating over the shutdown that he is unable to act on immigration!
現地時間1/26 12:16・日本時間26日深夜

Heading back from a very exciting two days in Davos, Switzerland. Speech on America’s economic revival was well received. Many of the people I met will be investing in the U.S.A.! #MAGA
現地時間1/26 12:12・日本時間26日深夜

Join me live at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland! #WEF18 45.wh.gov/3pX3Bd
現地時間1/26 7:54・日本時間26日夜

Great bilateral meeting with President @Alain_Berset of the Swiss Confederation - as we continue to strengthen our great friendship. Such an honor to be in Switzerland! #WEF18
現地時間1/26 6:23・日本時間26日夜

It was an honor to meet with Republic of Rwanda President Paul Kagame this morning in Davos, Switzerland. Many great discussions! #WEF18
現地時間1/26 5:46・日本時間26日夜

Will be interviewed on @SquawkCNBC by @JoeSquawk coming up at 6:00amE from Davos, Switzerland. Enjoy! #WEF18
現地時間1/26 5:11・日本時間26日夜
スイスはダボスから6p.m.にSquawk Boxのジョー・カーネンのインタビューがある。お楽しみ下さい!

Today, Americans everywhere remember the brave men and women of @NASA who lost their lives in our Nation’s eternal quest to expand the boundaries of human potential. whitehouse.gov/briefings-stat…
現地時間 1/25 17:38
(NASAのツイートより: 本日はアポロ1号、チャレンジャー号、 コロンビアの乗組員らの追悼の日です)

Very productive bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin @Netanyahu of Israel - in Davos, Switzerland! #WEF18
現地時間 1/25 13:03

Great bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom, affirming the special relationship and our commitment to work together on key national security challenges and economic opportunities. #WEF18
現地時間 1/25 12:25

Will soon be heading to Davos, Switzerland, to tell the world how great America is and is doing. Our economy is now booming and with all I am doing, will only get better...Our country is finally WINNING again!
現地時間 1/24 19:27

It was my great honor to welcome Mayor’s from across America to the WH. My Administration will always support local government - and listen to the leaders who know their communities best. Together, we will usher in a bold new era of Peace and Prosperity! 45.wh.gov/USAMayors
現地時間 1/24 17:51

Earlier today, I spoke with @GovMattBevin of Kentucky regarding yesterday’s shooting at Marshall County High School. My thoughts and prayers are with Bailey Holt, Preston Cope, their families, and all of the wounded victims who are in recovery. We are with you!
現地時間 1/24 15:26
今朝早く、ケンタッキー州のベビン知事と昨日マーシャル郡高校で起きた銃乱射事件に関して協議。(亡くなった) ベイリー・ボルトさん、プレストン・コープさんそしてご遺族、また負傷し治療中の被害者の方々に祈りを捧げます。我々は皆さんと共にあります!

Tremendous investment by companies from all over the world being made in America. There has never been anything like it. Now Disney, J.P. Morgan Chase and many others. Massive Regulation Reduction and Tax Cuts are making us a powerhouse again. Long way to go! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
現地時間 1/24 6:58

Cryin’ Chuck Schumer fully understands, especially after his humiliating defeat, that if there is no Wall, there is no DACA. We must have safety and security, together with a strong Military, for our great people!
現地時間 1/23 23:07
泣き虫チャック・シューマーは、壁がなければDACA(不法移民救済) もないということを、屈辱的敗北後には完全に理解したようだ。我々は素晴らしい国民のために軍備を強化し、治安と安全保障に努めなければならない!

Where are the 50,000 important text messages between FBI lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok? Blaming Samsung!
現地時間 1/23 22:54

(注) FBIが従業員に支給していたサムソンの携帯電話の技術上の問題(設定ミスによるデータ保存失敗) を指摘したとの報道がある。

Thank you to General John Kelly, who is doing a fantastic job, and all of the Staff and others in the White House, for a job well done. Long hours and Fake reporting makes your job more difficult, but it is always great to WIN, and few have won more than us!
現地時間 1/23 9:16
素晴らしい働きをしているケリー将軍(首席補佐官) や良くやってくれているホワイトハウスのスタッフ等の皆々ありがとう。長時間のフェイク報道は大変だったが勝利することはいつも素晴らしい。そして我々ほど勝利したものは殆どいない!

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